You build a company with every experience! This phrase defines us. We are of Venezuelan origin, we arrived in the United States in 2015, with extensive experience in customer service, although close to the commercial sector related to events, it was not our professional occupation.

In this country we decided to take it as a business and started in the rental market, being suppliers of everything that is required to carry out a celebration. We like to serve, interact with people, offer solutions and be a positive contribution to the lives of others, helping you create unforgettable moments on dates that are important to you.

Design an idea, give it shape and color, to create works that invite people to enter a story or simply into a space that has everything you need to feel excited... surprised... in a word Special! This is how we work in our Atelier!

Here we quote Stan Rapp “Making a sale is important, but achieving the happiness of our customers is vital” not only to keep a business going, but also to feed the energies of those who run it.… We are happier when you are happy!